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Our diverse team of hard-working engineers, programmers and project managers are available to help with your project needs.

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. We believe proactive, knowledgeable and timely support is a cornerstone to maintaining and developing a good customer relationship....

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We endeavour to address and exceed customer support expectations by working closely with their managers and engineers to gain a fuller understanding of the aspirations and difficulties they face, and so proactively determine appropriate actions.

Adelphi Automation not only provides new plant systems but also refurbishes old and legacy systems to return them once again to a desirable level of efficiency and flexibility.spacerRemote Support

Often when selecting a supplier a potential client considers the relative geographical locations. Although this understandable it’s increasingly irrelevant in a global economy. Short term gains of a local supplier are often greatly out-weighted by the long term advantage of using the right team for the job.

Not only does Adelphi Automation have access to all the usual remote support facilities, we are situated very close to an international airport and mayor road/rail links, and so rapid site presence is possible.

If you would like Adelphi Automation to be
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