Bespoke Solutions

Assembly Lines

Modern automated assembly and manufacturing facilities require innovative power, data, positioning and control solutions to minimise costly downtime and maximise production.

Adelphi Automation provides full turnkey assembly systems appropriate to a customer's needs and aspirations.

We are ready and excited to help you transform your ideas into long term commercial profitability.

Whether it's improving an existing line or building a new one from scratch, we will source or manufacture the best equipment for your production plant to successfully meet your production volumes to the quality and hygiene standards your industry demands.

In keeping with the tightest schedule, we always make sure the installation and commissioning is completed on time.

Special Purpose Machines

Often a fully automated plant system solution is not needed or required. In some industries, like the automotive industry, the manufacturing or testing of components only require special purpose equipment (SPE). Such SPE systems are often not integrated into the overall manufacture process but are used to complement or facilitate the assembly, manufacture, handling or testing of components. These systems usually demand a significant level of manual interaction such as the loading/unloading of the rig, or the recording of production data.

In our experience, a full understanding of purpose, operation and functionality of such system is needed to address a client's functional requirement to arrive at an operational solution. We have designed and implemented many such SPE across a wide range of industries.

Robotic Solutions

Adelphi Automation specialises in creating robotic applications that can act as a stand-alone solution or be integrated into plant processes. Our experience means we can simulate, design and implement complete SCARA, 6-axis, Cartesian and Delta robotic solutions to meet specific client requirements.

Our robotic applications include inspection, welding, handling and assembly machinery for a wide range of industries. We also have the ability to integrate these products with other technologies, including vision systems for quality control purposes and laser systems for goods handling operations.

Industrial Software Solutions

Establishing the optimum balance between operator and machine control is the key to an effective automated production solution. Our extensive working relationships with the aerospace, automotive and renewables industries mean we have significant experience in developing PLC and PC control systems as well as operator-machine interfaces, such as SCADA and HMI, which are effective and intuitive; whether that's the simplicity of a pushbutton/indicator control panel or the flexibility of graphical display unit.

Our in-depth knowledge of industry workplace ergonomics creates solutions that are simple for the operator to understand and use efficiently, as well as offering highly effective results in terms of machinery performance.

Handling And Packaging Systems

Many clients have very specific requirements which can't be satisfied from standard product ranges. Such requirements can include:

  • Conveyors
  • Barcode Reading and Printing
  • Packaging
  • Box erecting machines
  • Automatically apply a label
  • Wrapping Machines
  • Automatic Palletising (Six Axis Robot and Gantry Robot)
  • Conveyors

Adelphi Automation has a vast experience implementing such systems listed above. It is not always obvious where to find a supplier for such specialised products; as a result, you can end up with something that doesn't exactly meet your requirements.

At Adelphi Automation, we have established a reputation for developing mechanical handling systems that do not appear on a standard product list, but do meet your exact needs.

Our design and engineering skills enable us to develop solutions tailored to meet your precise project criteria.

Project Solutions

Adelphi Automation appreciates the needs of industry and we endeavour to find the appropriate automation solution. From initial design concept through to final handover, we offer technical knowledge and project management, production skills and commissioning expertise.

We handle highly specialised projects for numerous industries, many requiring novel and concept designs. We work to develop an ideal process specification based on our extensive experience of applying best practice and knowledge.

Project management is a critically important part of the service we offer, and a practice that has consistently delivered success to projects from small control system enhancements and refurbishments to fully automated turnkey systems.

We aim to keep clients informed of progress, working to agreed deadlines and test and acceptance specifications. This approach has enabled us to build long-term working relationships with some of the world's leading companies.

Our skilled robot engineers will support customers through procedures ranging from off-line simulation programming to identify cycle time implications of collisions, through to full on-line programming or modifications.

In addition to providing you with the skills of experienced project managers and engineers, we also are in a position to provide mechanical and electrical design services, which includes panel and interface designs.

We also carry out a full range of commissioning and on-site installations, as well as producing comprehensive operational and maintenance manuals and training programmes.

Our Services Include

Concept design
Mechanical design
Electrical design
Software and robotic development
System commissioning