The aerospace sector is moving more and more towards automation and continually evolving. That's why companies working in this area need to know that their production, testing and assembly processes are completed with accuracy, efficiency, security and speed. Adelphi Automation are able to provide our aerospace clients with state-of-the-art automated solutions. This could involve the pulling together of various operations across your facility into one defined process or creating a complete system to handle a whole new process, we can design and build you a custom-made solution.


You will soon realise the benefits that achieve improved efficiency, increase effectiveness, save process costs, reduce defects, and increase productivity. Adelphi Automation have extensive experience in providing bespoke automated solutions for the aerospace industry, we are able to use these knowledge and skills to provide you with a system that will completely transform the way in which you operate. Adelphi Automation offer automated solutions that can be provided on their own or as a combined package of two or more, depending on your requirements.

Our Services Include

Robotic drilling
Robotic deburring
Robotic fastening
Automated testing
Automated assembly lines

Automation for the Future

Once Adelphi Automation have designed and built your bespoke solutions, we will install and commission the machinery at your site. Adelphi Automation always takes pride in delivering world class customer service that exceeds our customers' expectations for the total duration of the project.