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We feel it’s a universal truth that very few industries wouldn’t financially benefit from some degree of automation, whether that’s a simple conveyor system,
fully integrated robotic cells or bespoke special purpose equipment. At Adelphi we strive to exceed the expectation of our clients by specifying, designing, configuring and commissioning appropriate, cost effective control and information systems to a range of industries...

industries served by adelphi automation
The examples below give you an idea of some of various industries that have called on our services, skills and experiences over recent years

Automotive Industry

The Automotive industry is frequency considered to the thermometer of a country’s economic growth. This industry is dependent on a pyramid of component manufacturers, each required to be highly effective and flexible. In recent years there have been significant changes in consumer requirements and expectations which have directly affected production demands. To maintain a commercial edge the Automotive industry constantly invest in appropriate automation, robotics and work practices.

Adelphi not only provide these new plant systems but also refurbish old and legacy system to once again achieve a desire level of efficiency and flexibility.spacerAviation Industry

For decades, many UK companies have been rightly proud of the military and civil aviation industry. Historically companies such as British Aerospace, Rolls Royce and Airbus have, through competitive necessity, been at the forefront of this demanding and dynamic industry. Their commanding, but competitive, position demands significant investment to ensure that this competitive edge is maintained.

To maintain this competitive edge, Adelphi Automation has provided semi automated systems to assist in the manufacture of major aircraft components.spacerFood and Beverages Industry

The manufacturing of food and beverages is a significant industry in any economy. With increasing raw material costs and increasing customer demands increasing a plant’s overall effectiveness and reducing waste is paramount. However at the same time increasing flexible and reacting quickly to market changes is important to the continued profitability and survival of a business. It is no longer possible just to work harder a business must work smarter.

We at Adelphi provide the tools to allow businesses to work smarter by gaining greater process insight and then applying lessons learnt by the addition of appropriate automation.spacerRenewables Industry

The Renewables industry which included production of solar panel, wind energy, water harvesting and the use of biomass as an power source) is certainly an important, significant and relatively new global industry. Suppliers have realized that such products are, and will continue to be, a growth area, and they are investing appropriately.

Adelphi Automation has in recent years been called upon by many major renewables suppliers to provide the facilities to manufacture these high demand products whether that be a conveyor system or integrate multi-cell robotic production line.spacerWater / Waste Water Industries

The many utilities companies that provide our country’s domestic and commercial clean water, and process waste water, periodically invest heavily in their infrastructure and their processes. This investment not only maintains but also enhances their supervisor, regulatory, quality and data acquisition systems. This investment not only improves the services to customers, reduce water wasted but also increases a company’s effectiveness.

Adelphi Automation have many years experience providing systems to automate laboratories, facilitate area wide data telemetry, control water treatment and sewage treatment plants across the UK from Thames Water to East of Scotland Water.

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