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In June of 2008, Adelphi Automation helped
Airbus UK design a bespoke robotic wing
manipulator to allow fully fabricated Airbus
340 wing sections to vertically orientate,
and transport that wing section from the
fabrication shop to the paint shop....
It was identified that the principal project challenge was the wing’s weight and allowable load bearing features. Working with engineers the exact loaded bearing specification for each wing was determined.

airbus wing lift

After a period of consultation and design, a robotic manipulator was developed that addressed the requirements to lift, rotate and transport a wing.

The final solution included 2 servo drives and 6 variable speed drives kept in sync by using closed loop encoder feedback. All controlled from a HMI and wireless handheld unit. Once the robotic manipulator was manufactured it was installed and commissioned within four weeks.

Adelphi Automation supplied:

• Electrical Design
• Control Panel Procurement and Assembly
• PLC and HMI Development
• Safety System Design and Commissioning
• Training and Documentation

If you would like Adelphi Automation to be
involved with your next project, we’d love
to hear from you..

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